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Years 6, 7 and 8

Students in Year 6, 7 & 8 visited the ZSL London Zoo as part of their co-curricular education in biology.
They attended an hour-long workshop on The Classification of Living Organisms, a topic typically taught in upper KS2 and revisited in upper KS3. Consequently, the Year 6 pupils had a chance to show off their newly learned knowledge while Years 7 and 8 enjoyed recalling the basics of grouping organisms as they will not revisit this again until Year 9. This created an interesting atmosphere during the workshop in which all pupils were interacting with each other, regardless of age or ability. It also gave the Year 6 pupils a glimpse of working with older pupils in senior school by giving them the confidence to converse academically with older pupils. Following the workshop, students had the opportunity to get embroiled in a world of animals that comprised of a reptile house, aquarium, gorilla land, birds of prey, and of course, the usual lions and giraffes. Students are always taught that all living organisms including plants are grouped according to their appearance, habitat, skeletons, and DNA-now they have witnessed a part of it.