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Year 6 Special Treat

On Tuesday 17thJuly we celebrated the wonderful times we’ve had with our year 6 by taking them on a day’s outing to places of their choice. We were really fortunate to have Mr. Rayner accompany us.
The day started by having a beautiful, white stretch limousine pull up at our school and drive us away on a leisurely, scenic trip to Orpington. We were dropped off at the Odeon there, where we saw ‘Incredibles 2,’ which both children and the adults loved-a movie for all ages. After the movie, we went out for a lovely lunch at Nando’s - I was the only one foolhardy enough to try the extra, extra hot sauce and survive! We then returned back to the school in the limo, with the children singing along to their favourite pop songs in the limo. Thank you again, Mr. Rayner, for your invaluable help-and humour-as always.
It was a lovely day full of laughter and I hope the children will have rounded off their hardworking year with us by having happy memories of their time spent with us. Thank you Year 6 for being such a wonderful class!I will miss you all.

Mrs. Rowland, Year 6 Teacher, Deputy Head