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Year 4 Visit to the British Museum...round 2!

On Friday, Year 4 visited the British Museum, for the second time this term. The focus of this trip was Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt and it supported the children’s learning on the subject.
Visiting museums and seeing first hand primary sources of evidences brings history alive for students, encouraging them to think like historians a little more. We may even have an archaeologist in our midst or museum curator!
The children were fascinated by how the Ancient Egyptians lived and what was important to them. What’s more, they were very able to discuss the art work from the ancient civilisationand be detectives to look for clues about the lives they lived. They were particularly well informed about Nebamun, who was in charge of the grain. From the paintings below, Children were able to discuss how the Egyptians farmed and feasted, what they wore and what plant and animal life was present at the time.