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Year 4 Geography with Mrs Tyagi

Continuing their geography lessons on rivers and lakes, the children worked in groups to produce maps, as you can see above.

“Rivers come from a source high up in the mountains. The river has three courses; upper, middle and lower. The lower river has a calmer flow and drops silt making deltas.” – Zach
“We made the posters about the waterfalls, mountains, rivers, streams, groundwater, sediment, meanders, ox-bow lake – Anya
“The river can create waterfalls where it carves out layers of soft rock and leaves a cliff of hard rock standing. It forms rapids along sloping rocky beds.” – Azariah
“Rivers start at the upper course, then go to the middle course where the flood plains are. This can be a problem for people living nearby.” – Boston
“My river had a waterfall and an ox-bow lake. Before the river meets the sea, the water is sweet and lots of animals like to drink it.” - Gigi

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