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Year 2 on a trip to the Horniman Museum with Mr Matthews

“On Tuesday, Year 2 visited the Horniman Museum. We first visited the natural history exhibition where the pupils saw a huge Walrus among many other creatures. We then headed down to the robot zoo and a giraffe greeted us as we entered. We then explored how a cricket jumps by pushing and pulling various levers. A rhinoceros was next and we learnt how much effort is needed to lift and move its huge head. The children explored various other exhibits including racing giant squid, hanging like a bat, hiding like a chameleon and swatting flies! Lunch was in the magnificent gardens with a fun break to play with the outside musical instruments. Continuing the musical theme, we visited the music exhibition where the pupils were able to see many amazing instruments, had the chance to play some and listen to them via the interactive tables. After a quick visit to the shop and a little more play in the gardens, we headed back to the train station. The trip was great fun and once again, the pupils were a credit to the school.
I am very proud of you, Year 2.”
Mr Matthews
Year 2 Teacher

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