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Latest News

EYFS –Funky Farm Fun

Our youngest children were very excited coming to school dressed as a range of farm characters and animals. We had a very varied selection including farmers, scarecrows, an equestrian, a spider, a bat and a cat among others.
Our gardens were transformed into a mini farm for the afternoon with a wide range of farm learning experiences from hook a duck to digging in our vegetable patch for carrots.
We had an interactive start to our launch with an Old Mc Donald drama workshop presented by Louise Johnson from Take a Break Production Company.
She was a lovely lady who was very complimentary about our amazing children with their exemplary behaviour and great participation skills during her workshop.
Our children enjoyed a range of foods, having a mini farm feast.
The children were highly engaged and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities throughout our sunny Friday afternoon.
We had some lovely new visitors who came to visit our school, many of whom were delighted with our childrens’ confidence and communication skills.