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Latest News

Early Years to Year 6 enjoy a Den Day for Save The Children Fund

“After the wonderful success of last year, albeit a very wet day necessitating indoor den building, today proved just as wonderful! And the sun shone for us!
Cardboard boxes have been arriving all week, plus tarpaulins, bits of carpet, cardboard tubes...anything really so long as it was recyclable.
Each class chose their site, collaborative planning took place and work began. Tape, string, scissors, ingenuity...anything to fix the materials together. Some dens had roofs, some were open plan. Some were double storey, others used nature and the trees for cover. Early Years and Reception used the trampoline for their den! Brilliant idea!

Everyone had great fun. Leadership skills were in evidence and there were those happy to be the manual workers. Others gave great encouragement and held scissors and cut tape.
The dens were lived in, extended, reconstructed and enjoyed over lunch play and then they had to be taken sad. All materials were taken to the bins for recycling and our garden was left (almost) immaculate.
A really great day! Thank you everyone!”
Mrs Bird
Workshop Teacher