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Principal's Welcome

A private education for thriving children

Wickham Court is a very special place, and it is so encouraging to see our pupils thrive in our small classes under the instruction of our dedicated, nurturing teachers. Interaction between children of all ages throughout the school is a joy to observe.

We have art and music facilities that we hope will stimulate our children's aesthetic senses. You may even get the chance to see our young actors practising their skills in our drama hall. You will note that our library and our computers not only provide valuable and practical learning tools but also open many doors and windows to the wonder that is a private education.

We believe that learning should go beyond the formal classroom that what a child learns in sport and in games complements the purely academic. Thus, we take great pride in the school grounds, and we value the sound of our children's laughter as they run about our five acres of gardens and stately lawns

Our school reflects the sense of tradition and timelessness associated with education itself, but it also profits from the best of modern texts and technology. Most importantly, it profits from the life and the energy that our children bring with them.

When you visit, we think you will see that Wickham Court is as dynamic and exciting as education itself.

Mrs Lisa Harries                                                 Mr Malcolm Gough

Principal                                                              Executive Head